We’ve got you covered with our 3-in-1 solution.

Through the E4 HealthMap platform, E4 Health combines the power of EAP with traditional Wellness to create a holistic solution to overall well-being and health.

The proactive Employee Assistance Program

LifeScope gives access to our comprehensive EAP, work/life, legal/financial and consumer-friendly health resources they need anytime, anywhere.

The best choice for Wellness.

LifeChoice, our unique Wellness solution, uses HRA and biometrics to improve employee engagement and promote positive behavior change.

Your link to better planning.

LifeLync helps you assess your organizational resources and decide where they’ll have the greatest measurable impact.


Well-rounded. Well-planned. Wellness, from start to finish.

LifeChoice is our unique wellness solution + a fully integrated EAP that utilizes a unique HRA that incorporates psychosocial risk factors, motivation to change, and biometrics to improve employee engagement and promote positive, sustainable behavior change. This data is used to trigger targeted outreach by E4 coaches that provide a holistic support approach.
We evaluate with our emPower assessment, which includes:

  • Biological vs. chronological age calculation
  • Risk for future health conditions across 17 key areas including psychosocial factors
  • Automated triggers of outreach built into the assessment
  • Individual well-being report of risk status on ten key factors
  • Proactive coaching outreach and care planning based on risk

We engage through the WellRight Wellness Portal:

  • WellRight condition-specific plans are recommended based on controllable and uncontrollable risk factors identified in emPower.
  • Gaming technology engineering increases engagement and sustained participation.
  • Extensive management plans drive individual user goal, completion and mitigation of health risk for chronic conditions like obesity, stroke, diabetes, and heart disease.

We empower with:

  • Personal plans
  • Worksite challenges
  • Education
  • Seminars
  • Emotional counseling
  • And we show effect, using:
  • ROI Calculator
  • Integrated reporting
  • Progress tracking
Our EAP increases engagement and prevention by being proactive. It implements the LifeReach Survey, which enables outreach and increases utilization.
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Our unique wellness solution utilizes HRA and biometrics to improve employee engagement and promote positive, sustainable behavior change.
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LifeLync uses population health analytics and science-based risk stratification to focus limited organizational resources where they will have the greatest measurable impact.
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What our clients are saying.

“E4’s More-to-Life EAP has participated in our Estee Lauder Wellness Fairs, for the Pennsylvania Region since 2010.  Each year the service continues to get better and better.  The More-to-Life staff handles the scheduling of their Representati...

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