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105 Decker Ct. Suite 475
Irving, Texas 75062

E4’s primary distribution strategy is through the top national/regional employee benefit brokers and consultants in the US.

We created E4 with our channel distribution partners in mind. Our executive teams are nationally respected leaders in employee benefit and EAP/Behavioral Health product development, underwriting, distribution and customer service.

HealthMap is a reflection of our collective experiences and desire to create a better health and productivity risk management solution. We also know business is hard to get and easy to lose, so being vigilant and bringing better solutions to our relationships is part of the job.

As benefits industry professionals, you’re familiar with today’s realities. Notable trends include government playing a more dominant role, the shift from volume to value and rise of consumerism as OOP costs escalate. Providers, payers and consumers (employees, members) are all affected and it goes well beyond integrating patient Electronic Medical Records. The population health “tools” required to operate in this post ACA world include:

  • Data Integration and Management
  • Clinical Analytics
  • Care Coordination
  • Patient Engagement

Professional intermediaries are looking for better predictive models to contain clients PHM costs. Research clearly shows lifestyle decisions are a major driver of direct/indirect costs but, historically, given minimal attention as a driver of population health risk.

Also, looking at the chronically ill, compliance with evidence based guidelines and adherence to medication protocols is not only a national problem but an often neglected behavioral problem that is costing organizations millions.

HealthMap leverages our behavioral expertise and technology to operationally integrate information and processes to prevent risk and improve outcomes. Most post ACA action is focused on Provider – Payer dynamics. Our solutions integrate with those worlds but our primary focus is on who’s driving the demand – the consumer. Cost shifting strategies have put them squarely in the middle as a major payer of provider services and their starting to pay more and more attention.

No one has all the answers but our HealthMap solution has proven to increase services utilization, engagement and ROI.

In January, E4 Health was chosen by Healthcare Technology Outlook Magazine as a top 10 PHM company for 2016. They were most impressed with our single platform, prioritizing outreach and bringing 21st century speed to solution regardless of the members needs.

Business Inqueries


105 Decker Ct. Suite 475
Irving, Texas 75062

Our executive leadership team has started businesses from scratch, been in the trenches and created relationships – we know what it means to make a payroll, create a product or be a producer. We’ve run employee benefit sales distribution channels, EAP/behavioral health organizations and created products for distribution to help working families across the country. We know the importance of intermediaries, client retention and consultative sales and service initiatives. We know business is hard to get and easy to lose.

We created E4 knowing any business “taking on” rising healthcare costs has to understand how employee’s access their healthcare benefits in the first place – through the workplace. The rising healthcare trend is unsustainable, cost shifting has run its course with many believing “wellness” is the key to controlling future costs in that workplace. But wellness takes discipline, people have to make decisions and most need help to do that. E4 represents our vision at trying to make a difference, looking at the landscape of services, drivers of costs and delivering innovative services based on sound science and market realities.

We describe E4 as a “behavioral health and wellness” company because Employee Assistance Program expertise is in our “DNA.” The EAP connect with wellness is very clear – Wellness is a behavioral condition. We’re repositioning the traditional EAP to not only provide short term counseling but to be the catalyst to promote “wellness” as a behavioral condition in a given company’s culture. And, wellness deserves a strategy. It needs to be designed, packaged and sold to employers across the country like group medical, dental, disability, life and 401K. It needs better tools and data to evaluate risk and focus limited resources where they’ll have the most effective impact. In other words, it needs E4’s turnkey solutions, starting with an EAP solution that can evolve into a comprehensive health risk management strategy – all on a single, integrated care administration platform.

E4 needs you to take a look at our solutions for your clients. We think you’ll agree they deserve a place at your clients’ table. E4 – a bold leap forward in healthcare. Join us.

Our award winning EAP offers a breakthrough engagement model for this traditionally dormant benefit by proactively reaching out to employees, not having time limits on calls and utilizing tools like appreciative inquiry and mindfulness. We increased client EAP utilization over 300% and session model attendance over 50% using this approach.
Our Wellness component combines an interactive HRA, personal coaching, mobile apps, wearable devices, web tools, text messaging, and traditional services, such as flu shots, biometric screenings and challenges. Our program makes it easy for employees to track their behaviors, earn rewards and arm themselves with valuable knowledge around fitness, nutrition and chronic disease without draining time from plan administrators.
Our Care Coordination component was chosen as a Top 10 PHM tool for 2016. Over 600 proprietary algorithms work in concert to analyze risk data and prioritize where organizational resources are best deployed, providing a blueprint for how corporations can start to control their healthcare costs.