• A beautiful EAP.

    “E4’s More To Life EAP has participated in The Estee Lauder Wellness Fairs, with us...since 2010. Each year the service continues to get better and better..."

    - Estee Lauder
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    “E4’s Account Management level of service always goes beyond my expectations.”

    - Jet Blue Airways
  • A healthy change of direction.

    “I am TOTALLY blown away by E4’s training. It is PERFECTION, and addresses a litany of issues in such an effective way!..."

    - Interpublic Group


Whatever you’re experiencing, we’ve been there.

Our executive leadership team has started businesses from scratch, been in the trenches and created relationships – we know what it means to make a payroll, create a product or be a producer. We’ve run employee benefit sales distribution channels, EAP/behavioral health organizations and created products for distribution to help working families across the country. We know the importance of intermediaries, client retention and consultative sales and service initiatives. We know business is hard to get and easy to lose.

We created E4 knowing any business “taking on” rising healthcare costs has to understand how employee’s access their healthcare benefits in the first place – thru the workplace. Rising healthcare trend is unsustainable, cost shifting has run its course with many believing “wellness” is the key to controlling future costs in that workplace. But wellness takes discipline, people have to make decisions and most need help to do that. E4 represents our vision at trying to make a difference, looking at the landscape of services, drivers of costs and delivering innovative services based on sound science and market realities.

We describe E4 as a “behavioral health and wellness” company because Employee Assistance Program expertise is in our “DNA”. The EAP connect with wellness is very clear – Wellness is a behavioral condition. We’re repositioning the traditional EAP to not only provide short term counseling but to be the catalyst to promote “wellness” as a behavioral condition in a given company’s culture. And, wellness deserves a strategy. It needs to be designed, packaged and sold to employers across the country like group medical, dental, disability, life and 401K. It needs better tools and data to evaluate risk and focus limited resources where they’ll have the most effective impact. In other words, it needs E4′s turnkey solutions, starting with an EAP solution that can evolve into a comprehensive health risk management strategy – all on a single, integrated care administration platform.

E4 needs you to take a look at our solutions for your clients. We think you’ll agree they deserve a place at your clients’ table. E4 – a bold leap forward in healthcare. Join us.

Our EAP increases engagement and prevention by being proactive. It implements the LifeReach Survey, which enables outreach and increases utilization.
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Our unique wellness solution utilizes HRA and biometrics to improve employee engagement and promote positive, sustainable behavior change.
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LifeLync uses population health analytics and science-based risk stratification to focus limited organizational resources where they will have the greatest measurable impact.
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