Prime Male Reviews & Results [2020]: What Makes This Testosterone Booster Stand Out?

This Prime Male review’s topic will examine a natural supplement that enhances testosterone production in the body. Studies show that after age 30, the average male starts to lose 1% of their testosterone levels every year.

Prime Male Reviews


This male hormone is what gives men their masculinity and virility. It helps make men strong, energetic, sexually active and healthy. Declining testosterone levels lead to weight gain, fatigue, irritability, muscle loss, and low libido.

To address this condition, there are numerous supplements out there that claim to raise its levels. But not all of them work as efficiently.

But which one delivers?

We’d like to introduce you to one testosterone booster that checks all the boxes. Prime Male’s formula includes 12 well-researched components in the correct doses for best results.

The Prime male supplement promises to raise your T-levels to about 42% in just 12 days. And with heightened testosterone levels, you are likely to enjoy benefits like elevated mood, more muscle mass, increased energy, and libido.

In this Prime Male review, we’ll provide you with a detailed look at this T-booster supplement.

What does Prime Male Claim to do?

Prime Male is designed to stimulate testosterone production and to show you what this does for the body and well-being of any man.

Here’s what Prime Male claims to deliver:

  • Increased body ripping and muscle strength increase
  • Enhanced performance (in sports and sex)
  • Fight fatigue and increase energy levels
  • Reduces body fat and help to slim
  • Increase muscle mass
  • Regulates blood sugar
  • blood cholesterol control
  • Improved cardiovascular function
  • Improved memory and mood
  • stronger longer-lasting erections
  • Better concentration
  • Increased self-confidence

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How Will You Benefit From This Product

Prime Male supplements work by increasing testosterone levels in your body. This T-booster does this using 12 ingredients that are carefully chosen to address the 3 biggest hindrances to testosterone production.

The three are:

  • Sex Hormone Binding Globulin- SHBG: increased SHBG in your body means lower levels testosterone are available for use in your body. Prime Male includes components like nettle root for binding SHBG, therefore releasing the male hormone.
  • Luteinizing Hormone – LH: This amino acid causes the Leydig cells to release testosterone
  • Estrogen and Prolactin: In male bodies, these two female hormones reduce t-levels. Components like boron help in lowering their numbers.

Once the three issues have been addressed and levels of testosterone have increased you can expect:

  • Increased strength and energy
  • Increased muscle mass and weight loss
  • Improved moods
  • Enhanced libido
  • Improved cognitive functions
  • Regulates blood sugar levels
  • Healthier prostate
  • Improved heart health

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Ingredients in Prime Male

Prime Male claims to be the only supplement that uses the 12 most crucial testosterone boosting components in the correct doses.

  • Mucuna Pruriens

This component provides your body with L-Dopa, a compound that blocks prolactin (a female hormone) while increasing testosterone enzymes.

  • D – Aspartic acid (DAA)

The most powerful and vital ingredient in the supplement, that offers top results, included in numerous male nutritional supplements. Based on scientific clinical research in humans (though at early stages) and not in animals, usage of DAA for only 12 days has shown an increase of testosterone levels (by about 42%), and even an increase of the Luteinizing Hormone (by 33%).

  • Nettle Root

Research on this herb has proven its capability to neutralize SHBG and block the enzymes that convert testosterone to estrogen. It also has shown to benefit the urinary tract and prostate health as well.

  • Vitamin D

Its Found in Leydig cells that are in large numbers in the testes and it has proven to offer many benefits. A study done on overweight men showed that vitamin D3 supplementation helped boost free, bioactive and free testosterone levels. This pointed at huge masculine health potential.

Prime Male supplements offer a large amount of the D3 Vitamin (5,000 IU) which can deliver major results to its male users. This product uses an amount of (5,000 IU) of Vitamin D3, and this is more than is used in other testosterone boosting supplements.

  • Zinc

This nutrient is crucial in a man’s diet and it has been found in over 8 enzymes in our bodies. Zinc plays a key role in numerous essential functions in our bodies. This natural ingredient is an extremely valuable nutrient that fights against impotence, decreased erectile dysfunction, decreased libido and reduced sperm production.

  • Vitamin K2

This vitamin occurs naturally in the testes and its believed to play a major role in maintaining healthy testosterone levels. Research shows that when you are not getting enough Vitamin K, synthesis if androgen will decline. However, by increasing Vitamin K, you will have the opposite results which are preferable.

  • Magnesium

This mineral is important for boosting testosterone as it helps neutralize SHGB, which binds to testosterone making it useless. Magnesium can even be more important in older males since they tend to have difficulties absorbing it. Luckily, Prime Male uses a highly potent and bio-available citrate form of magnesium.

  • Vitamin B6

B vitamins are important for your overall health. However, B6, in particular, supports the release of the male sex hormone – and here we’re not talking about testosterone. The premium form of B6, the P-5-P is the right form that your body can readily absorb.

  • Korean Red Ginseng

The red ginseng is considered to be an adaptogen or a substance that can help reduce stress. And because cortisol, the stress hormone reduces testosterone levels in your body, the anti-stress action of Red Ginseng helps in maintaining healthy testosterone levels.

The male performance-enhancing properties of Korean red ginseng stack nicely with the benefits from testosterone for increasing strength, masculinity, libido, and energy.

  • Boron

To boost testosterone levels, this ingredient works by inhibiting SHBG, an anti-testosterone hormone, thus maintaining it at lower levels in your body.

  • Luteolin

Luteolin is a botanical antioxidant that maintains a better testosterone-estrogen ratio. Also, it can act as an anti-estrogenic compound that complement’s DAA’s ability to increase all sex hormones.

  • BioPerine

This ingredient is unique in that it can work in any supplement. Thus, it makes any ingredient 10x more bioavailable despite the dosage.

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Who is Prime Male meant for?

Prime Male is formulated for men aged 30 and above. These are men who want to acquire some energy, boost sex drive and vitality that they once had in their younger years – and combat health issues triggered by low testosterone levels.

These health issues may include mood swings, blood pressure, belly fat, uncontrolled levels of blood sugar, depression, cardiovascular issues and decreased bone density – causing them to be prone to suffer fractures.

Recommended Dosage

dosageThis dietary supplement comes in pill form, which – according to its Recommended Daily Dose (RDD ) – should be administered 4 times each day.

1 pill per dose must be administered with a snack or meal. You should take 4 separate doses to a total of 4 pills per day.

TIP: For optimal results, strictly follow the dosage directions and avoid skipping a dose. Being consistent in your dosage is important as it helps you get the best results fast.

Where to Purchase Prime Male and Packages

Prime Male can be bought from the manufacturer’s official website.

This supplement is available in three different packages.

  • 1 box sufficient for a months supply: costs $69.00 plus Shipping
  • 2 boxes sufficient for 2 months supply: cost $138.00 and free shipping to USA & UK
  • 3 boxes + 1 free for 4 months supply: cost $207.00 and free shipping worldwide

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Refund Policy & Money-back Guarantee

refund policyWe recommend that you only buy Prime Male from its official website. In so doing, you’ll be assured of getting an original product as well as enjoy a money-back guarantee. The Prime Male supplement has a 90-day refund policy that is only applicable on the 3-month package of 3 bottles.

If for any reason you are unhappy with your order, you could return the unopened items for a refund. Also, $35 will be deducted from the refund to cover shipping and admin costs.

You can make returns within 30 days of receiving your order for US customers and within 14 days for customers from the UK and other countries.

Only the unopened bottles will be accepted and you will have to cover all shipping costs and handling fees. Check the company’s site for different packages and deals.

Take Away

As men get older, their testosterone levels often start to dip which then brings with it undesirable symptoms.  So, to help you fight these issues, the use of a supplement that can raise your testosterone levels is important. And one such supplement is Prime Male.

It uses a formula that is optimized to helping you restore your T-levels. Prime Male is suitable for males aged 30 years and over.

This product is backed by 12 ingredients that are scientifically selected for their qualities. And because all these ingredients are natural, there are no discernible side effects.

The Prime Male supplement has been sold the world over and has received numerous positive reviews.

As we’ve seen in our Prime Male review, this product comes in 3 packages, each offering different offers for you to enjoy.

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